In nearly every list of the fattest nations in the world, the U.S. is at or near the top. That’s because there is so much more food available here, and much of it isn’t of the healthy variety. Doctors and nutritionists have tried to provide as much information regarding healthy eating as they can, but the truth is that staying fit and eating the right food is a personal choice, and many are not choosing to do either. Here are some stark examples of the kind of obesity problem that America is facing.

The Beer Gut


The beer gut is one of America’s most easily identifiable signs of obesity. You’ve no doubt seen examples of this type of physique in your daily life. What’s most disturbing about the good old American Beer Gut is that it’s very difficult to hide it. You can’t really wear black to slim your figure down when you have a gut of this size. No matter how loose your shirt, you will still look as if you have four small children hidden away.

Pinch An Inch

Pinch InchSource

The old saying is that if you can “Pinch an inch,” then you’re overweight. If you can pinch a handful, you’re obese. It’s a simple rule that anyone can observe, and it’s also undeniable. Anytime you can grab that handful of fat between your thumb and index finger, you know it’s time to get on a weight-loss plan. In most cases, you don’t even have to pinch to know you need to cut way down on calories. All you need to do is glance in the mirror to see the fat overhanging your sides, and you’ll know.