Unless you’ve never watched a single minute of TV in your life, you’ve seen an infomercial. And chances are that as soon as that commercial came on, you zapped the remote, only to find yourself staring at another infomercial. These slices of American TV, are meant to persuade you with false positivity about investing in a product. Some of these products are valuable, while others are unfathomable when it comes to daily use. With that in mind, here are some of the wackiest infomercials of the past few years.

Uro Club


Forget the fact that this product was only targeted at golfers. Anyone can enjoy how ridiculous this infomercial was and continues to be when watched over and over. The Uro Club is a device shaped like a golf club that allows players to relieve themselves discreetly without having to leave the green. That’s right. You can pee on the golf course, and no one will know! The Uro Club is leak proof! It also comes with a towel to cover your private parts as you pee into the hole! But wait! Buy two and you’ll get a third free, so all your golf buddies can pee at the same time!


Hawaii Chair


This infomercial’s tagline was “Take the work out of your workout…if you can sit, you can get fit.” The Hawaii Chair was a chair that rotated while you were at the office or were at home working in your study. The Hawaii Chair promised to work out your thighs, butt and legs without you having to move a muscle. The Hawaii Chair was just so stupid. The chair moved so fast that there was no way you could stare at paperwork, what more, do actual work. It was one of the dumbest infomercial products in history.