It’s difficult to remember the days prior to Google in which people actually had to visit a library to obtain information. But in the digital age, you need not worry about this type of thing, because Google has your back. And if you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle with less stress in your life, then Google can definitely get you sorted out. Google is much more interested in becoming a global company that just happens to provide search services, than in just multiplying their billions and remaining an information and data hub. Here are the ways that this search engine can improve your overall health and outlook.


Google Fit


Google recently introduced Google Fit, an app which helps track your health by providing you with data related to activities such as jogging, walking and biking. Google Fit is only available for the Android system, and it lets you share your fitness information with others within your network. Google Fit uses sensors to track things such as your height, weight, calories, body fat, calories consumed and heart rate. The fit-band and smartwatch craze is one that Google recognizes as a popular trend that isn’t just a fad, but a way to improve a person’s daily life.