Telling your husband that he needs to exercise and eat healthier food is typically the result of him gaining weight, so it might be a more difficult thing to do than you think. But once you’ve had that awkward conversation, here are some practical ways to get your spouse to exercise and eat as if he’s a ‘green’ warrior.


Work Out Together


If you’re enthusiastic and motivated to work out, then your husband will likely feed off that energy. Try to plan exercise time together, so that you can hold him accountable. Keep in mind that your positive energy is vital to the process, so if your husband sees that you are right there next to him as he sweats it out on the treadmill, it can strengthen his resolve.

Track His Progress


Help your husband set realistic goals related to his new exercise program. For example, if he can only do ten pushups when he starts, set a goal for him to reach 20 push ups within two weeks. By setting goals, you are helping him strive for a tangible achievement, which many men appreciate, as they tend to be goal-oriented when they embark on a new project or task.


Reward Success


Hand in hand with tracking his progress, is making sure that you reward him when he reaches a new milestone. Whether it’s going out for a special dinner, cooking his favorite meal, issuing him a certificate or agreeing to some new requests in the bedroom, rewards are a valuable way to keep him on an exercise program.