Successful celebrities rarely spring up overnight. As with any type of profession, acting, singing, dancing and sports are challenging occupations that require tenacity, determination and skill in order to reach the top. But there is an ‘X’ factor about celebrities that goes beyond normal civilian jobs, and demands something special. Here are some lifestyle secrets of successful celebrities, that could help you continue your own climb to the apex of your profession.

If You Can Quit, Do It


Numerous celebrities have told stories about how they suffered many rejections before someone believed in them enough to offer a chance at success. But how many others gave up too early because they were discouraged by failure? That’s one of the secrets of successful celebrities, they don’t give up and find ‘something else to do.’ In other words, if you have quit in you, go ahead and do it, because there are millions of others who want the same chance. Donald Trump has given interviews in which he cautions that there can be no success in life with people who are willing to quit.

Learn To Laugh At Failure


One of the most pernicious things about failure is that it can make you question your entire reason for wanting success. And if you let that doubt creep into your head, it can fester and grow into a monster that can cripple your determination. That’s why celebs have talked about the idea of letting go of the mistakes you make and learning to laugh at the folly of people who don’t ‘get you.’