When people talk about spiritual healing, they are referring to the healing of the spirit that brings about contentment and purpose. But with so many books out there about the subject, it can be overwhelming to a newcomer to identify the most notable and beneficial ones that can make a real difference in a person’s life. So with that in mind, here are some of the better books written on the subject of spiritual healing.

The Secret – Rhonda Byrne


The Secret is a book that was published in November 2006. The book’s guiding principle is the law of attraction, which in a nutshell is all about visualizing good things that you want out of your life, and thinking on these things every day in an affirming way. The book teaches you how to think about your spirituality in a different way, one which accentuates the positive and allows no negative thought to keep you from achieving your goals. The Secret has sold nearly 20 million copies throughout the world, and a sequel name The Power was released in 2010.

Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert


Gilbert’s 2006 memoir is triggered by a painful divorce that loosed her of all her moorings, and forced her to confront her emptiness and desire for spiritual fulfillment. The book catalogs Gilbert’s physical and spiritual journey as she travels through India, Italy and Indonesia, searching for meaning. Gilbert’s stories focus on eating, spirituality and balance, culminating in a love connection with a man from Brazil. Gilbert’s spiritual awakening is sourced in mediation and Eastern mysticism about locating one’s center in a world filled with obstacles and distractions. The book has been embraced by women undergoing spiritual and emotional trials, who are seeking a spiritual transformation that will allow them to view their lives in a more positive and beneficial way.

Conversations With God — Neale Donald Walsch


Conversations With God are a series of books in which Walsch imagines a dialogue with God, asking questions on a wide variety of subjects, and receiving answers. The first volume was published in 1995 and was a bestseller. In all, nine volumes have been published, each a bestseller. Walsch wrote the first book during a down time in his life, in which he had become very angry with God because of some tough times. The books are all centered around the themes that everyone is spiritually connected and that God communicates to everyone through the most prosaic things, such as a sunset, a song or even a film. In order for people to find spiritual healing, Walsch asserts that they must stop talking, and listen, because God speaks through everything He’s created.


Embraced By the Light — Betty Jean Eadie


This is the best-selling near-death experiences book of all time. In it, Eadie describes the experience after nearly dying following a surgical procedure. Eadie writes about being released from her physical body, and being guided by angels into a brilliant white light that she believes was heaven. In that light, Eadie writes that she met Jesus Christ and felt an intense, overwhelming love. Eadie eventually returns to her physical body and battles depression due to the huge difference between her spiritual revelation and the rigors and disappointment of the real world. The principle theme of Eadie’s book is that everyone is free to exercise their will through loving and growing and taking wrong turns, but that spiritual freedom is available to all who seek enlightenment. Published in 1992, Embraced By The Light remained on the New York Times bestseller list for 78 weeks and was the fifth highest selling book of the 1990s. In all, the book has sold 13 million copies in 130 countries, and has nearly 40 translations.


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