When it comes to romance at the gym, there are certain rules you have to follow if you’re a guy. Sure, you want to go over to that sweet-looking honey on the treadmill that you see every day, but is it really the best move for you to appear in front of her drenched in sweat and smelling less than sweet? That hottie you’ve been longing after may indeed be interested, but if you don’t do these five things listed below, that interest will quickly vanish.

Buy Designer Workout Clothes


Look, just because you’re going to sweat, doesn’t mean it’s ok to wear that torn sweatshirt and stained shorts to the gym. Yes, you are there to work out, but if you want to get that girl to notice you, there’s no way you can show up looking like a homeless guy. Invest in some designer workout threads, whether its layered shorts, smooth endurance tights, hooded sweatshirts or camo pants. You have to look good, brother, even when you’re lathered with sweat.

Smell Your Best

Smell GoodSource

That girl may be interested, but if you’re going to sidle up to her and spit your best game, you can’t offend her with your body odor. That’s why it’s important for you to apply deodorant and maybe even a quick hit of body spray before you head off to the gym. Some guys even find that showering before they work out allows them ‘sweat clean,’ which greatly enhances the possibility of making a love connection with that hot woman they’ve been eyeing for weeks.

Approach At the Right Time


The rules of approaching a woman at the gym aren’t all that different than when you’re at the office or at a bar. One of the key rules you have to follow is not to approach a woman at the gym if she is in the middle of her exercise routine. Women tend to come to the gym to work out and leave. Even if you think they look hot as they’re sweating, women are more self-conscious about their appearance in the gym, so don’t make things worse by hitting her up while she’s huffing and puffing. The best thing to do is to wait until she’s taking a break between exercises, or better yet, approach her before she starts her workout routine.


Don’t Offer Workout Advice


You should avoid coming off as a know-it-all when you make first contact with the gym woman of your dreams. This means that you can’t offer workout advice as if you’re an expert, and you definitely don’t want to pick up weights and show her how to do a set. Women are wary of guys at gyms anyway, so if you approach her with the arrogance of someone who can teach her a thing or two about working out, you’re done. But one thing you should do is ask her for advice on something related to working out or nutrition. That could win you some valuable brownie points, and demonstrate to her that you care more about what she thinks than what you have on your mind.

Become a Personal Trainer


This may seem extreme, but studies have shown that some women tend to fall for their male personal trainers. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that these women are seeing their trainer three to four days a week, and are developing a rapport through physical exertion. If you want to meet or attract women at the gym, you may have a better shot if you’re a personal trainer. This will require you to get into shape and learn your craft, but you will then be able to parlay your fitness into a calling card you can pull out when you make that approach to the woman you’ve been scoping out.

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