You don’t have to be a professional athlete to want to look good as you compete in various sports, such as soccer, football, tennis, rugby, lacrosse, gymnastics and swimming. So to keep you abreast of what’s in and what’s out, here are some of the trends in sports fashion.


Strappy Tank Tops


These sheer tank tops are both sexy and functional, made from polyester that allows the material to breathe, and wicks sweat away from your body. The cool thing about these tank tops is that they also feature dual crossed straps that can really show off your shoulders and back muscles after that strenuous workout.

Printed Leggings


In the old days, leggings were made so that you could run quickly to the gym or to the store while still feeling as if you didn’t have to look awful wearing sweats. But the trend for leggings has changed, and they are now as much a fashion statement when you play sports or work out as they are a functional piece of clothing. With leggings, a tight fit is always the key, but printed leggings give you the option of selecting cool and bold designs to draw attention. In addition, most printed leggings are compression-style, which helps keep your muscles warm and dry as you work out.

Short Tights


Short tights are leggings that have been cut high at the thigh, without losing any of the compression and moisture wicking you need to keep your body warm as you workout or play sports. You can wear short tights when you jog, play tennis or hike. Short tights are made of breathable polyester.