The fact that Americans in general aren’t the healthiest bunch isn’t news to anyone. For one, America is one of the most obese countries, right below our cousin Mexico. But we live here, right? It can’t be all bad.

But depending on where you live, you may be more statistically likely to smoke, drink, experience a heart attack, or just be sicker in general. This can depend on a wide variety of factors. But what are the worst cities in America for your health? Let’s take a look.

The Worst City for Smoking


Good news is, Americans are smoking less than they have in decades. However, a number of cities are still churning out a surprising number of smokers. Right now, the city with the highest rate of smokers is Tulsa, Oklahoma, with over 24.6% of the population smoking. And they’re smoking a lot- smokers in Tulsa, on average, are smoking about 16 cigarettes per day. That’s almost an entire pack alone. Geez, second hand smoking issues anyone?


The Fattest City


As mentioned before, obesity is a huge problem in the US (I’d say no pun intended but that’d be too easy). While obesity is generally a huge problem in Southern and Midwestern states, obesity reigns supreme in Huntington-Ashland West Virginia where 39.5% of the population is rolling big and bad. Why West Virginia? Well, statistically, Southern states experience higher levels of obesity. I mean, try living in the South for a while. You’d want some comfort food too just to get through the goddamned day.