It’s hard to predict anything in the digital age, because trends that seem to be gaining steam, fizzle out and end up being nothing more than a fad. But there are some interesting signs in the world of health that are point toward some trends that could take root and become part of the zeitgeist. Here’s a quick rundown of ten that could help boost your overall health in 2015.

Smaller Portions


Nutritionists and dieticians have been pushing the smaller portion kick for a long time, and it seems to be working. Many fast food restaurants have introduced healthier alternatives to their usual artery-clogging fare, and started limiting their super-size combos in favor of smaller meal packages. At home, people are starting to understand that a serving of meat is the size of a standard deck of cards, and that eating till they are full is the worst way to maintain a healthy weight.


Eating Slower


Hip people in the know refer to eating slower as ‘mindful eating,’ which seems a tad pretentious. For simpler folk, eating slower is a health trend that focuses on getting people to consciously chew their food slowly before swallowing it. Eating slower aids in digestion and also allows your stomach to receive the brain’s signals that it’s full before you overeat.