It may seem strange to suggest that eating the right kind of food can lead to a better sex life, but great overall health can boost your energy and make you and your loved one more interested in hitting the sheets. Conversely, eating the wrong kinds of food, such as fatty red meat, can lead to weight gain, self-esteem issues and a distinct lack of desire to have sex due to poor body image problems. So, to help you and your lover get your body and mind fit, here are some secrets to getting yourselves ready for some horizontal intimacy.


Load Up On Fruits and Veggies


Maybe this isn’t a secret because so many nutritionists and doctors have been pushing the ‘double down on fruits and veggies’ theory for years. You’re supposed to eat five servings of fruit and veggies every day, and yes, that includes fruit juice or vegetable juice for those of you making faces out there. But if you’re going for the natural thing, choose fresh veggies over canned ones, and avoid eating too many sugar-laden fruits such as bananas, which while rich in potassium are high in sugar, which can lead to a brief boost of energy, then a long period of lethargy. Fruits contain antioxidants, which are beneficial for heart health and to keep your arteries clean.


Eat the Right Foods Often During the Day


Sex is all about energy and stamina, and that’s why it’s so important for you to eat every three hours. The worst thing you can do is skip breakfast and lunch, eat salty snacks and then binge at dinner. This will mess up your metabolism, and likely cause you to gain weight as your body struggles to adjust to the lack of constant nutrition. To avoid this problem, eat a good balanced breakfast such as oatmeal, wheat toast, egg whites or wheat pancakes. Then three hours later, have a snack such as trail mix or nuts, and a sensible lunch. Follow up with a mid-afternoon snack such as low-fat yogurt or a fruit bowl and then eat a moderate dinner. This keeps your metabolism running at an optimal level, and prevents your weight from ballooning.