The 1980s were known for the fight against Communism, the emergence of music videos, and really bad workout routines that are embarrassing to watch today. With the explosion of fitness videos in the 80s, celebrities such as Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons urged video watchers to sweat their way to a leaner body. So to celebrate a bygone era of leotards and fanny packs, here are some of the best workout routines from this time period.


Richard Simmons – Party Off the Pounds


Simmons is probably the most famous of all 1980s-era workout masters, and this one is a doozy. It’s really difficult to imagine how the producers of this video went about hiring the ‘talent’ to appear in this video. From the looks of things, they just grabbed any overweight person off the street and asked them if they wanted to be in a Richard Simmons exercise video. It doesn’t look like anyone said ‘no,’ because these are not the kind of people you would find in a 2015 fitness video. That’s not even mentioning how ridiculous Simmons looks doing these basic moves. Has there ever been a fitness guru who makes you laugh more than Simmons?


Facelift Exercise Video


The name of this woman with hair like a lion’s mane has faded into the annals of 1980s fitness video lore. But it’s ironic that the face lift exercise that she’s teaching in this video is called “The Lion.” Don’t be tempted to skip to minute one of this video because part of the hilarity is listening to her pseudo-scientific explanation about how making funny faces and sticking your tongue out increases blood flow, stretches your facial muscles and somehow doesn’t make you look like a complete fool. But wait, there’s more. You are then instructed to roll your eyes up, so you can stretch the skin under the eyes, and hold your breath for eight seconds. If you can keep a straight face, give it a shot. This may work way better than botox or plastic surgery.