The 1990s were the era of Michael Jordan, Seattle grunge, boy bands, Clinton and Lewinsky, the OJ Simpson trial of the century, the Macarena, Beanie Babies and of course 90s-style fitness gurus. Anytime you need a good laugh, you can browse through some of the best workout videos the 90s had to offer, and to help you out, here are a few of the most unbelievable workout routines from that time period.


Thighmaster – Suzanne Somers


This is one of those exercise videos that you can try to explain to a friend, but really requires visual evidence to get the full effect. Somers, the former breakout star of the popular sitcom, “Three’s Company,” introduced the now legendary Thighmaster in the early 90s, creating this exercise equipment for women who wanted to tone their legs, especially their inner thighs. Don’t waste your time listening to Somers’ introduction; just skip to the 2:00 mark, where the video routine begins, and marvel at how the woman in the video first uses the Thighmaster to tone her arms, then gets down to the thigh-crunching good stuff. Despite how ridiculous this routine looks, Thighmaster is alive and kicking, and has made Somers a millionaire.


Marky Mark Workout – Mark Wahlberg


These are four truly epic minutes, starring the one and only, Mark Wahlberg. It’s amazing to think that this guy was once a rapper who was all about posing shirtless in his boxer briefs and copping attitude. In the opening minutes, we have one of Mark Mark’s ‘boys,’ waking him up and calling him ‘cuz’ about a million times. Then we get Mark in the studio talking about form, focus and determination being the keys to a ripped body. Then Mark drops this nugget at the 2:08 mark, “Everybody’s beautiful, man, go out and get yours.” Wow…what inspiration and motivation. If that doesn’t get you going, there’s always the 90s-era slang to fall back on, such as “Fly honeys” and “Word up, peace, five Gs,’ whatever the hell that means.