No matter what type of sport you play, or if you just like rocking sports sneakers, you need a solid sports shoe that is well-built and comfortable. But with technological and manufacturing innovations, sports footwear is raising its game and offering you a number of choices. Here are some of the top trends in sports footwear.


Ultra-Cushioned Soles


A few years ago, when barefoot running was all the rage, active people wanted smaller sports shoes, without much cushion, so that their feet were more in touch with the ground. But in keeping with this country’s ethos of ‘bigger is better,’ ultra-cushioned shoes have made a huge comeback, and over-sized, thick soled shoes are now the rage. These shoes offer more impact resistance, which can reduce the risk of injury, and also offer performance enhancements in terms of increased gripping of surfaces.


Printed Graphics


Sewing customized stitching onto sports footwear is so…2013. The trend these days with sports shoe makers is to print logos and patterns onto their shoes, eliminating the need for stitching and seams. Perhaps this is in response to the digital aspect of today’s society, in which everything is clean and lean.  Printed graphics are also more modern looking, and they can achieve brighter and bolder colors than stitching and sewing.


Motion Control Shoes


Motion control sports footwear are made for people whose feet tend to roll inward, which can cause knee pain and knee injury. This type of running pattern is known as overpronation, which is correctable by motion control shoes that are built with hardened heels, layered midsoles constructed of graphite or heavy plastic, and thick uppers that are made for wide, flat feet, which is one of the causes of overpronation. Motion control shoes restrict the motion of your foot and maintain your gait as you run, so that your feet don’t roll inward when your weight shifts from your heel to the flat of your feet.