Hollywood is full of fads, although some like the whole Kardashian thing, persist beyond the realm of common sense. One of the things that celebs are always doing is following a new diet plan, though in most cases, the plan itself isn’t new, it’s just that a new celebrity has decided she’s grown fat enough to endorse the plan. But most of these popular diets don’t work, because diets are fads not lifestyles. Here are some diets, including Jenny Craig, that aren’t very good.


Jenny Craig


Jenny Craig offers you pre-made food that’s low in calories and fat. You also get a consultant you can call or email for support when your will wavers, and an online system that lets you document your meals and talk to others on the program. You’re supposed to stick to the packaged meals, but you can add fruits and veggies to augment your diet. The problem with the Jenny Craig diet is that many users say the food is bland, and if you’re vegan, forget it, because the vegetarian dishes have dairy, and nearly all the meals contain gluten. Plus, the meals aren’t cheap, as you can pay $8 for a lunch meal that’s gone in three or four bites.


Master Cleanse/Lemonade Diet


The Master Cleanse Diet is another favorite celeb diet. In this diet, you eat no food, instead when you’re hungry, you drink a mixture of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, cayenne pepper and Grade B maple syrup. You also perform daily warm-water and sea salt enemas, which involves you guzzling a quarter of this concoction, and then pretty much going to the bathroom for the next few hours. The Master Cleanse provides no protein, and all your weight loss is water-based, which means you’ll gain the weight back within a few days after you’ve stopped the diet.