Millennials get a bad rap for a lot of reasons. Growing up in a digital age, in which social media dominates, Millennials are often accused of having short attention spans, of being self-absorbed and of not valuing anything permanent. The truth is that Millennials are rewriting the old rules, and this includes how they work out and stay fit. Here are some of the ways Millennials maintain good physical health.


Fitness Bands

Fitness BandsSource

Millennials are more likely than Generation Xers to make use of wearable technology such as fitness bands to stay in shape. Fitness bands come in a variety of brands and models, but they all have features such as the number of miles or feet you’ve walked or run in a day, your heartbeat, your sleep cycle and number of calories consumed. Fitness bands allow Millennials to control when and how they exercise, but the bands also customize workouts and make them more efficient.


Boot Camp Workouts


A lot of Millennials like boot-camp style workouts, which emphasize a militaristic regimen that’s more about endurance and cardio than weight training and machines. Boot camp workouts embrace the notion of working out outdoors, and they involve a lot of ‘body weight’ routines, in which you have to be able to support your own weight with your own strength unaided by a machine. Boot camp workouts are exciting, innovative and present constant challenges, qualities that are attractive to Millennials.