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Whether you like to relax and meditate with a little yoga or go hard to get your adrenaline flowing, here

are 16 songs to help keep you engaged and motivated during your workouts.

Til I Collapse by Eminem

Runnning shoes on runnerSource

Running is a good way to boost your mood, cardio and energy levels without overexerting yourself.

Wear a good pair of running shoes and proper running attire to maximize your comfort and enhance

your stamina.

Happy by Pharrell


Cycling raises cardiovascular activity, increases flexibility and reduces stress by improving the body’s

overall immune response. Avoid hunching your shoulders and turn your head often to keep your

muscles from getting stiff.

One More Time by Daft Punk

Happy fitness woman lifting dumbbellsSource

Achieve a stronger and sleeker body with weight training. Increase the amount of repetitions you do for

each set and gradually add on more weights to increase your strength and endurance.