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Money is one of the most universally-desired possessions and is the driving force behind thriving

economies. Most people spend nearly one-third of their lives devoting their efforts to earning more

money and becoming successful in their chosen occupations. Unfortunately, many working professionals

find it increasingly difficult to earn enough cash to meet their daily needs and support their chosen

lifestyles. As a result, families and individuals who are bombarded with financial worries are susceptible

to negative effects on their physical health, family relationships, sleep quality and emotional health.


Physical Health

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Chronic stress over financial matters can take a significant toll on physical health. Some of the most

common physical symptoms of financial stress include anxiety and compromised immune systems that

can lead to frequent illnesses. People are also less likely to visit the doctor when they are worried about

their finances. This means that any serious health conditions they have are more likely to worsen due to

lack of treatment.


Effects on Families


Although financial stress has a significant impact on individuals, it also influences entire families. A

recent study by the University of Sydney Menzies Centre for Health Policy showed that families are

more likely to suffer from health ailments when they are under financial stress. Children often respond

to familial stress by acting out and developing behavioral problems. Even though parents feel the full

brunt of financial worries, children pick up on their anxiety cues and respond in a negative way. Chronic

stress can even lead to an increased risk of mental illness in children.