Diet pills have been around for decades. Often, they are marketed as a way to get rid of excess fat

quickly and easily. While these products do sometimes result in rapid weight loss, there are also many

famous cases of diet pills that were later discovered to be very dangerous. Long-term health damage

and even fatalities have resulted for some consumers who took these pills.


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Ephedrine was touted as a way to enhance weight loss through an elevated metabolism. According to

sellers, this meant that any exercise performed while a person was using ephedrine would be enhanced.

A light jog, for example, could have the effect of a hard run. The product worked by increasing heart

activity, among other things. For some users, this led to anxiety, heart problems and high blood

pressure. The pills were particularly dangerous for anyone with a heart condition.


Fenluramine/Phentermine, Commonly Called Fen-Phen

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The combination of fenfluramine and phentermine produced a reduction in appetite that, for some,

resulted in drastic drops in weight. With such extreme effects, though, came equally extreme side

effects. Some users suffered from abdominal pains, adrenaline rushes, nausea, high blood pressure and

primary pulmonary hypertension. In the wake of these findings, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

placed a ban on fen-phen.