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Sure, they are one of the most successful heavy metal rock bands of all times. But did you know that

Iron Maiden achieved worldwide fame with little to no radio or television airtime? Here are a few dance

moves for you to try the next time you decide to rock out to their music. No previous dance skill is

required. By the way, these moves are bound to help you shed some extra pounds and give you more

energy. Stretch before dancing to prevent injury.


Déjà Vu

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Ever hear a song and felt like you were experiencing déjà vu? Well, from the very first few beats, you’ll

be dancing and prancing your way all across the room while trying to shake that weird and somewhat

exciting feeling that keeps escaping you.


Only the Good Die Young

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Regardless of your age, you’ll instantly start to feel as if you were in the prime of your youth. Remember

all of the times you locked yourself in your room and turned your favorite Iron Maiden song all the way

up, in an attempt to drown out the world? Well, this song will have you reminiscing about the days of

old and shaking your tailbone like never before.