The Number of the Beast

girl with headphonesSource

No one is an angel, and when you hear this song, you can’t help but to feel the temptation and

excitement of being bad. Close your doors, pull down the shades and start shaking your body to the beat

without a care in the world. No one has to know that your alter ego is a beast that lives for the sound of

heavy metal.


Power Slave


Admit it. You love being in control, but sometimes it simply feels good letting someone else handle all of

the responsibility. Set your careless side free and leash your inner control freak by turning up the

volume on this song. Stomp your feet, wave your arms and throw your head up and down because you

just don’t care. No one has to know that you really abhor being an adult and simply want to be a slave to

the music. Just be careful not to knock over any precious furnishings in the process.


Flight of Icarus

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Who says that you need a head full of hair in order to exercise the thrill and freedom that comes from

throwing it back and forth? While this move is sure to get your heart pumping and your blood racing, it

is also bound to give you a few headaches later. Make sure that you have several feet of clear space all

around you before you start trying to take off with this move.