2 Minutes to Midnight


Everyone knows that the party never really starts until it is closer to midnight. But sometimes, your

schedule and other obligations make it hard for you to wait that long. Pop in this tune at any time and

start the party right regardless of where you are. Whip your head around, spin your body and shake

your hips in beat with the music.


Somwhere in Time

Dancing  businessman in elegant gray suit.Source

Who says that you have to be a rock head in order to enjoy good music? It doesn’t matter if you are at

school and have just aced an exam or have closed a successful business meeting; sometimes you just got

to let all of that excitement and anxiety you feel out. Before you bust a move to this tune, you may want

to hide somewhere, or your friends and colleagues will swear that you got lost in time.


Can I Play With Madness


Ever feel like you were going to lose your mind and you simply wanted to give up, but you couldn’t

afford too? Well, escape into sanctuary while flirting with the edge of sanity and reason by grooving to

this Iron Maiden classic. You can release your inner demons without ever losing a complete grip on

reality. Release all of your pain, frustration and fear while twisting your body like a contortionist. The

best part is; you don’t have to spend a ton of money to see a shrink to get the closure and peace you