Wearable technology has become the new buzzword, as people are drawn to smart watches, digital eyeglasses and other kinds of innovations that can be worn and in some cases integrated with your clothing. Although Apple Watch has rightly garnered a great deal of press, there are other types of interesting wearable technology, and here’s a rundown of what they are and how they work, starting with Apple’s latest gadget.


Apple Watch


Apple’s latest gadget is a smart watch that is supposed to up the ante on wearable technology. The smartwatch has that same sleek, modular look that all Apple products feature, and also has the first-of-its-kind digital crown that lets you zoom in and out of pictures, scroll through menus and return to your home screen. The Apple Watch lets you play and listen to music, send texts, obtain weather information, find your location on a map, take photos, obtain your heart rate, measure the number of steps you’ve walked during a day, week or month and interface with Siri the same way you would on an iPhone.


Google Glass


Although there’s been quite a bit of hype surrounding Google Glass, the truth is that it’s only been beta-tested, and has yet to be released to the public. Google Glass will offer users a wearable pair of clear eyeglasses that can display information on the head-mounted display screen. Google Glass is designed to act as a hands-free computer that operates through voice commands. The original Google Glass device had 2GB of RAM and 16GB of flash memory. It was designed to interface exclusively with the Android operating system, and also featured a 5 Megapixel camera, Bluetooth capability and a tiny USB port. Google recently announced that Google Glass was being redesigned and reconfigured for launch in the next few years.