Stress often arises as a result of conflicts at the workplace, or unexpected events at home. But instead of just grinning and bearing it, there are some breathing exercises you can do at home or at work, that can help lower your stress, calm you down and even boost your energy and positive outlook. Here are a few of those techniques to get you started on a more healthy way to alleviate bad vibes during the day.


Visualization Breathing


This is a type of breathing in which you close your eyes, and focus on all the good and positive things you can imagine, including events in your own life. Visualization allows your body to calm and relax, because you are concentrating on only things that bring you happiness and pleasure. For example, if there’s a place in nature you enjoy visiting, think about that place with your eyes closed. Once you have that place visualized, take deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth.


Isolated Muscle Relaxation

Relaxed eldery woman breathingSource

This type of breathing exercise takes a progressive approach. Close your eyes and begin at the top of your body, with your shoulder muscles. Tense your shoulders for a few seconds as you inhale, then relax them as you exhale. You will continue to progress down your body, moving next to your chest, stomach, then your legs and feet. As you inhale and tense, then exhale and relax, you will feel tension and stress leaving your body, making you feel more energized.