The word ‘diet’ can be confusing because it’s often used to describe a meal plan designed for people to lose weight. But in its most basic definition, a diet is an everyday way of eating, and that’s how it is used in this article. If you are concerned about weight gain, or you are plagued with hypertension or high cholesterol, here’s a list of some bad diets that could be causing your problems.


Processed Meat


Every time you visit your local grocery store’s deli counter, you are tempted by all types of processed meats, including turkey, ham and bologna. Processed meats also include turkey and beef hot dogs. If your diet is laden with processed meats, you may be doing your body a disservice because these meats are loaded with salt and saturated fat and  they are high in cholesterol. And if you are stuffing your face with processed meat sandwiches on white rolls or white bread, you are adding refined white flour to your diet, which means more sugar and more empty calories into your body.  So you may want to drop the daily ritual of processed meat sandwiches in favor of salads, lean chicken and fish.


High Sugar Snacks


If you snack on cookies, doughnuts and candy during the day, you need to put a stop to this type of diet. It isn’t just that these snacks are filled with sugar, they are also high in fat and calories, a triple threat to your well-being. Starting your day off with a doughnut or two is a bad idea as the calories are mostly from white flour and sugar. Substitute a wheat bagel instead, or go with a bowl of oatmeal. Instead of cookies, snack on nuts or trail mix, which will cut down on bad fats and sugar.