After you decide you are embarking on a diet, the next big step is figuring out which one matches your goals. There are a ton of diets out there, from a master cleanse diet that only allows you to drink lemonade and cayenne syrup, to a cookie diet that substitutes protein cookies for breakfast and lunch. So to help you narrow your list down to ones that makes sense, here are some things to consider as you sift through the diet plans on the market.


Find One That Is Achievable


There’s no sense in choosing a diet that sets you up for failure right away. For example, if you can’t stand cabbages, you shouldn’t attempt the cabbage soup diet, right? But a lot of people force themselves into diets that feature food or behavior that they hate, believing that as long as they are out of their comfort zone, it will work. So choose a diet plan that has realistic goals, as opposed to one that promises to help you shed a specific number of pounds.


Find One That Fits Your Exercise Regimen


You can’t succeed on any diet without some level of exercise, as the only way you can lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. However, you do need to choose a diet that matches your current level of exercise. For example, if you aren’t very active, then a diet that requires you to be in the gym five days a week may not be what you need at the outset. Instead, you should choose a diet that begins with slow activity, and progresses as your endurance increases.