Summer is the time of year when men and women want to look their very best, because as the weather gets hotter, clothes come off, revealing stomach, thighs and legs that need to be in optimal condition. So as the season turns from spring to summer, here are some ways for you to help transform your body from winter-drab to summer terrific.


Butt Exercises


If you’re a woman, your booty is one of the most important parts of your summer look, because a tight butt looks good in a bikini or cut-off jeans shorts, which are two of the sexiest outfits you can wear in the summer. To firm up that tush, you need to do squats, either with weights or without and lunges with a five-pound weight to increase the resistance. Butt exercises work your glutes and your thighs, and the truth is, tightening up both of these areas will increase your overall appeal.



No one is trying to get too personal here, but ladies, you need to get a good wax, especially around your bikini lines before summer rolls through. In fact, you may want to go the whole way and get yourself a Brazilian Wax, which will get rid of hair both in front and back. That gives you the freedom to wear a skinny bikini without any fear. In addition, waxing your legs as summer approaches, will give you the smooth, polished look that you want when you wear short shorts. Waxing is superior to shaving, because it takes away hair from the root, whereas shaving only removes hair from the surface.




You can’t really enjoy your summer to the fullest, if you can’t bare your midriff during hot days. That’s why you need to start doing ab and core exercises to firm your stomach and even attempt to gain a one pack or two pack, or a six pack if you’re feeling ambitious. The key to getting a flatter and more toned stomach isn’t just ab crunches, leg lifts and cardio. You must also cut out as much fat from your diet as possible, because in order for your abs to show, there can’t be a layer of fat on your stomach.