Human Breast Milk

Nursing mothers express their breast milk on the first day of donation at a hospital in MedellinSOURCE

Did you know that some soap was milled with human breast milk? So if you know a woman that may have some to spare you may have a lucrative business opportunity on your hands. Or should we say on her chest.

It’s controversial and even illegal in some states to sell soaps or beauty products made from breast milk, and with good reason because some heartless persons out there would have women lined up at breast pumps in some basement sweat shop pumping out milk by the gallon. What kind of world would be living in if women who are lactating could so easily be taken advantage of by such ruthless individuals? More importantly, who had the idea to drain his wife’s breast and possibly starve his child in order to make some soap? The world is full of sick individuals. Women should never be treated as factories especially their breasts. Breasts are too important. That’s why we’re declaring tomorrow National Breast Day, and to celebrate National Breast Day we are asking all women, preferably the hot ones, to send us pictures of their breasts.