Infant Foreskin (Nouricel-MD)


A San Francisco based company claims that infant foreskin helps fight the signs of aging. If this is the fountain of youth I much rather just grow old and look like a Sharpe’ before I rub foreskin lotion all over my face and body.

If you were wondering what hospitals and Rabbis did with the foreskin of infants after they slice them off, well we’ve found the answer. They sell the skins to a San Francisco based company that turns them into creams. The foreskin creams include ingredients such as soluble collagen, antioxidants, natural growth factors and various proteins. The company claims that the cream reduces the signs of aging, by getting rid of wrinkles. Listen people maybe we should just grow old. Have we become so afraid of aging that we’ve started using infant foreskins as a remedy for aging? Society’s vanity has gotten out of control. We have officially gone too far.