Whale Vomit (Ambergris)


This had to be an invention of the guy Jonah from the Bible who was stuck inside a whale and realized that whale vomit would make the perfect perfume base. Who else do we know that was around when a whale threw up?

Whale vomit is still whale vomit no matter if you throw a scientific sounding name on it like Ambergris. Ambergris comes from the digestive system of the sperm whale’s digestive system and is used as a fixative perfume base. Whatever the hell that means. This really puts the term au de toilette into perspective. This is why I use cologne or perfume. I’m perfectly happy with my natural odor. If we were supposed to smell different our sweat glands would also come equipped with air fresheners. Everything I need I was born with, that’s what I say. So go fools and continue to spend hundreds of dollars on bottles of whale vomit. I’m sticking to my natural odor. No sweet smelling fragrances for me. Love me for the animal that I am.