Bull Semen


Here we have all kinds of wrongs. We could make so many jokes about this, but this is supposed to be a PG-13 website so we won’t. But what we will say is if you are using this product we sure hope that you are not collecting the semen from the bull yourself.

We don’t want to know who or how they came up with this product but somewhere out there are some very happy bulls. The bull semen protein industry has taken off lately, especially in Europe. Imagine you’re the poor guy whose job it is to go around and get the bulls aroused and collect the semen. Kids this is why you should stay in school, because you don’t want to be a bull semen collector. This job is not as glamorous as you may think. There are always accidents and that bull semen can get in your eyes or mouth and really do some damage. But if you’re into bestiality this may be the perfect for you…possibly too perfect. The bulls are probably lining up from miles around so they can make their contribution to the beauty industry. I’m sure it beats becoming a hamburger.