Snail Ooze


This ingredient is used in ant-aging creams. So the next time you see the slimy little creatures crawling away hurry up and grab as many as you can an place them on your face. Please make sure that you send us the pictures.

By writing this article we’ve realized that some people have too much time on their hands or have lived interesting lives. Who came up with the idea of using snail ooze as a solution to anti-aging? Did an old lady fall asleep outside and a bunch of snails crawled on her face and when she removed them she immediately looked ten to twenty years younger? If any of you were a relative to the person who came up with the snail ooze anti-aging solution we would love to hear the story behind this one. Also if your relative came up with any other remedies by using random secretions from other animals, insects, etc. we would love to hear about those as well. Finally, we would also like to know if you are currently carrying on the family tradition of finding weird and possibly useless solutions for our everyday beauty needs, please contact us immediately. We would love laugh at you, um, speak to you.