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Lead is no longer for bullets and nationally banned paints anymore. It’s also a contaminant in over 650 cosmetic products. If lead gets into your cosmetic products you may have a problem on you hands (see description below).

Lead can be found in sunscreens, foundation, nail colors, lipstick and whitening toothpastes. Lead is a neurotoxin that has been known to cause learning, language and behavioral problems. But in some people your uncle being your father caused those problems. It has also been known to also cause miscarriages, reduction of fertility in both men and women, and delays in puberty onset of girls. This stuff is down right nuclear. You’d have a better chance of living or not being a victim of the side effects if you were shot. Not to mention that lead can also cause breast cancer. I think that you should really take a close look at your beauty products before you start applying them. Trust me looking beautiful is not worth dying over. In my case nothing can save me, so I’m willing to make the sacrifice in order to look better. Call me shallow but you don’t know what it’s like being me.