In the annals of history, quite a few people have attempted to shock the world, by introducing fashion trends that were at best embarrassing, and at worst, deserving of the firing squad. And while many of these fashion statements have gone the way of Robbie Williams, that is to say, extinct, some were so regrettable and hilarious that they bear a revisit. So as you browse through this Hall of Shame, remember that someone, somewhere and at some time, believed these outfits would change the world.




Where does one start with the ‘mankini’? The name alone should have blokes scurrying for the hills, ‘cuz any fashion statement that transforms a sexy women’s bikini into a similar get-up for a man is already treading on very shaky ground. The mankini is also known as a sling swimsuit, for obvious reasons, as you must slink the top around your shoulders, and then let the uh, cup, nestle snugly against your privates. Bad enough that there’s a bikini for a lad, but this fashion abomination also features a thong style for blokes who feel empowered to flex their non-dimpled buttocks for the world to admire.

(The mankini was given a brief reprieve by Sascha Baron Cohen, who modelled one brilliantly and hilariously in his comedy film, “Borat,” complete with hairy chest. Only Europeans would invent a male bikini, and it’s been around since the 1990s, often seen on the beaches in Mykonos, Ibiza and St-Tropez).