When you’re embracing an indie or alternative style, you need to complete the look by ensuring that your makeup and overall style fits the outsider status that you’re taking on. That’s why it’s vital that you are aware of some of the makeup brands out there that offer you options when it comes to left-of-center makeup colours and shades that will set you apart from the crowd. And once you’ve mastered the makeup, there’s a few other tips that will keep you on the cutting edge of the indie/alternative scene.

Make-up Brands


Pretty Zombie Cosmetics is a brand of cosmetics that embraces the notion that to be alternative, you need an array of colours that are very different from the standard hues found with corporate brands such as Maybelline or Covergirl. Pretty Zombie offers vegan-friendly liquid lipstick in shades such as Purple Poison, Zombettie, Black Cat, 3 Witches, Potion #9, Vamp, Dahlia and Sea Witch. The colours are all variations of traditional lipstick shades such as purple, red, black, violet and blue. Pretty Zombie is all about giving you distinct and eye catching lips that pair well with Goth, Mod and Steampunk fashion, all of which are gaining ground on the alternative fashion scene.

(Pretty Zombie is an Internet-only retailer, so to order these products, you will need to go online as there are no brick and mortar shops. The liquid lipstick has a shelf life of six to nine months, and transforms from liquid to matte in about a minute and half after application. The lipstick is not smudge-proof, however, and will transfer from your mouth to clothing, so do take care. Ingredients include castor seed oil and vegetable glycerin).