If you’re a Millennial, you’re probably tired of hearing all the negativism about your place in the world, and how much undue influence you have over pop culture and social media. But the truth is, Millennials do differ from Gen Xers in the way they view their careers and job prospects. Millennials tend to reject the notion that they should work for the same company for many years and cash in pensions. Instead, they are more concerned with enjoying what they are doing, and feeling that what they do has some purpose beyond just making money and surviving. That’s why Millennials embrace jobs such as being a barista and animating for Disney and Dreamworks.

Barista Love


The notion of Millennials as only being skilled enough to work as baristas has really emerged from the domination that Starbucks has had on the cultural landscape. In many ways, Starbucks is the poster child for Millennials, a hip, progressive and liberal-leaning company that favors creating an ‘experience’ for customers, rather than just serving them coffee and blended drinks. Millennials, by and large, reject the principles of a staid workplace that is driven by profit, and with the way Starbucks embraces social causes throughout the world, the company has branded itself as a Millennial favorite. And what better way to become part of that experience, than by signing up to be a barista. While Gen Xers laugh with scorn that Millennials are serving them coffee after graduating from college, many Millennials are laughing at Gen Xers for being slaves to the cubicle.

Starbucks is headquartered in Seattle, which is a city Millennials love and gravitate to, because of its high literacy rate, long-standing alternative music scene and overall liberal sensibility that values innovation and change. These qualities are part of why Millennials seek out jobs as baristas, and also aspire to own their own coffee franchise, where they can replicate the same carefree vibe they so enjoy.