Remember Dolly?


We all know how hard it is to say good-bye to a furry friend. If you never want to have to do this, cloning is the way to go. This is the perfect way to let your pet defy death. Remember Dolly the sheep? She was cloned out of 277 attempts. Although Dolly looked like an ordinary sheep, she was certainly extraordinary. And, we’re sure that Dolly Parton was oh so flattered by being the namesake for the first cloned critter!

It is said that imitation is the perfect form of flattery, and cloning should be the most flattering thing of all. After all, you are reproducing something that you think is perfect just the way it is! Some people take offense at cloning because they see that it defies the natural order of the life cycle that ends in death. But, if you want to share the rest of your life with the pet that you have now there is no reason that you can’t do this.