Be a Trend Setter


You could be the first pet owner with a cloned pet in your neighborhood. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity for bragging rights, right? So, instead of buying a plot in the pet cemetery, buy a spot in the cryonic lab and freeze your pet’s DNA. This will preserve the DNA so that your pet’s bloodline will always have a chance at survival. You bought those pedigree papers for a reason, right? So, you might as well make sure the bloodline lives on even after you are gone. Just make sure that you have an executor in charge of your pet’s future family line so that they are well cared for into the future. And, as a progressive thinker, you can also have your body preserved cryogenically so that if a cure is found in the future for what ails you now, your body can be unfrozen and worked on by skilled doctors and nurses years after your peers are dead and gone.

Who knows the future you and your cloned pet could pick up where you left off in your younger years! There’s no stopping the future of scientific research so anything is possible. You might as well get in the ground floor and start by cloning your pet!.

The founder of the Cryogenic Institute is already preserved and waiting for scientific discoveries to bring him back to life in a future time! If you thought this was only a thing in the movies or science fiction fantasy novels, the future is now to get involved in this process. You and your pet can be waiting for new life in the cooled state of the art containers.