Marijuana is taking over the nation. It is being legalized for medicinal purposes and even recreational purposes in some states. One of the chief side effects of marijuana use is increased cases of the munchies. With everyone eating tons of sweets and junk food, there is likely to be an epidemic of astronomical proportions. It is an impending health epidemic that people will become Type II diabetics because of their new junk food eating habits.


Marijuana Builds Appetite For Snacks

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Marijuana smokers who are under the influence of the drug THC very often experience the need for snacking. This is why it is used to treat cancer patients who have no appetite. The drug triggers the hunger mechanism and amps up the appetite. If you are eating regular foods, this is not a problem, but many times people under the influence of marijuana choose junk foods over green leafy vegetables. Unfortunately, the excessive snacking on sweets is going to lead to major health problems including diabetes.