Insulin Shortage


With the increased number of cases of diabetes, big pharmaceutical companies will be getting on board and specializing in manufacturing insulin and other diabetic medications. If they don’t get a head start on stockpiling these medications, there could soon be a nationwide shortage of insulin. It is our suggestion that if you are already a diabetic that you talk to your healthcare provider about what to do in case the demand exceeds the supply. Since you were a patient first, shouldn’t you get first dibs?

Insulin dependent diabetics are at risk of coma and death if they don’t get the proper medication to maintain their blood glucose levels. The marijuana induced diabetic epidemic could put millions of people at risk for blindness, coma, and even death! If you think legalizing marijuana is the right thing to do, you just ought to think again, especially if you have a family history of diabetes. The person doing without their insulin or other glucose stabilizing medication just might be you and a recreational drug user might be receiving the medication you need for survival!.