Dominos has changed their menu, and completely tossed out their standby of pizza. You won’t find pizza or calzone on the Dominos menu online or in the restaurants. Pizza is no longer a Dominos’ menu item. Not only did they ditch the pizza from the menu, they changed their logo as well.

Pizza dominated the Dominos menu for decades, but they have decided to stop contributing to the population’s massive obesity problem. They are providing only healthy alternatives that fit into the 6,000 calorie daily diet. This diet builds body mass and bulks you up with muscle power when paired with exercise. Otherwise, you’ll just gain even more bulky body fat because the calories will be in excess of what you were eating when Dominos served pizza.

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Dominos has axed the word pizza from their logo. They are serving an all-day menu now, and you won’t find a pizza anywhere on the Dominos premises. They are standing behind their decision to serve only healthy 6,000 calorie meal plan foods. You can eat a variety of healthy foods including the three egg special on their breakfast menu. This diet is the preferred diet of bodybuilders across the nation. If you are looking to enter the Mister Universe contest, you’ll want to put your local Dominos restaurant’s telephone number in your phone’s contacts. There are numerous specialty rice and pasta dishes on the menu from which to select for your lunch or dinner entrée.

The 6,000 calorie diet is also known as a customizable mass diet. If you really want to bulk up, you’ll want to eat an extra 2,000 calories per day. Most bodybuilders find that the 8,000 calorie plan works well for them. The Dominos menu easily accommodates these additional calories with the dual entrée meal deal. You can get two entrees in the combo meal deal with a side salad and an apple.