Who says that junk food isn’t sexy? These pictures are proof that you can make anything sexy, even Doritos. It is all based on location, location, location! And, don’t forget distribution and quantity are important factors in the sexy factor of Doritos. If you are determined to set the romantic mood, you should definitely include Doritos in your arsenal of romantic items. There’s nothing better than a bag of strategically placed Doritos to bring your lover around to your way of thinking. Also, remember that not only are Doritos romantic items, the ingredients are aphrodisiacs that have been around for hundreds of years! So, if you are experiencing a lack of amorous encounters, you will definitely want to invest in your favorite flavors of Doritos. We recommend the Guacamole and Spicy versions for the highest impact.


Eating Doritos In the Tub Makes You Sexy


If you are surrounded and covered by the delicious Doritos that you’re eating in the tub, your significant other will likely want to dive in and join you for a snack. It is all about presentation when you are eating your bag of Doritos. Whether it is the family size bag that you decide to share or just multiple flavors of the delectable snack, Doritos can definitely enhance your sex appeal. Remember, there’s nothing better than sharing!

Doritos were invented in 1964, but we’re not quite sure that covering yourself in the tub is what the inventor had in mind, but it definitely will increase your sex appeal. Doritos were released nationwide in 1966. It is a possibility that the Flower Children first discovered the sex appeal of Doritos.