Celebrities are constantly changing their look, trying to make a statement or simply staying up to date. The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the words “new look” is a new hairstyle, either a new haircut or a change of hair color.


Some of the boldest statements we’ve seen our favorite celebrities make is changing from blonde to brunette and I love it! We also see them change from a rich mocha hair color to a sleek platinum blonde mane.

I bet that when you read the title you thought we were going to diss blondes or brunettes and finally answer the million dollar question “Are blondes more fun?” but this article is about which look you consider best for some of our A list celebrities.


Beyoncé Knowles

beyonce bodySOURCE

She has always been a fabulous brunette with some blondish highlights, but when she made this switch to blonde I don’t think anyone was expecting it to look this great on her. Not only did she change her hair color but the length as well, she went for the long bob and nailed it.

My favorite look: I love Beyoncé’s 2013 hair color, brunette with blonde highlights.