There are many misconceptions today about what foods are healthy and what are not.  Some foods that you think are good for you, even foods that are labeled as healthy, are just plain not. It is so important to know what you are fueling yourself with so that you can be as healthy as possible!

Flavored Yogurt: Good or Bad?


Have you fallen for the lie that flavored yogurt is healthy for you? We know, you’re thinking, “But what if it’s fat-free or Greek yogurt? Greek yogurt is full of protein. It MUST be good for me!” That is completely not true! Yogurts like Yoplait, which include things like high fructose corn syrup, just are not good for you. You will no longer be fooled by labels that say “fat free” or products that include natural flavors because you will know to read the ingredients to find out if it is truly healthy for you. Check if the yogurt has artificial flavors and also check how much sugar is in it. These things will show you just how good for you it is. Try eating Greek yogurt like Chobani, which has less sugar and more protein in it, which makes for a healthy and happy you!