Oftentimes when we think of celebrities, we think of picture-perfect men and women who simply have no time to do much else than their jobs, and looking far more fabulous than the average human being. To our dismay, there are quite a few famous faces who can go unwashed for days, and one too many stars who don’t mind being complete slobs off the red carpet. These nightmarish celebrity habits (or lack thereof) will make you cringe!


Miley Cyrus


Miley used to be the face of the perfect life, but when 2013 rolled around, Miley lost the golden locks, caked on the makeup, and put her tongue on just about everything. The new risqué Miley had nothing to hide, and everything to share. On her Bangerz tour, good pal Katy Perry was in attendance supporting the “We Can’t Stop:” singer, who seriously can’t stop doing ridiculous and gross things. Things took a turn when Miley and Katy locked lips, but Katy awkwardly and abruptly pulled away when Miley tried to slip her infamous tongue into a friendly kiss. Katy later remarked that the kiss made her sick to her stomach!

“God knows where that tongue has been. We don’t know” Katy shared. We do know that it’s been on that ‘Wrecking Ball’ sledgehammer, and in the mouths of Miley’s many pets. Katy had a point! Let’s just hope Miley brushes regularly!.