Whole Foods has established itself as one of the elite grocery stores in the country, catering to those who want fresh, organic food of high quality. But the Whole Foods trend has seemingly hit a bump as the chain has been hit with bad publicity due to price gouging. And along with the rise of other specialty stores such as Trader Joe’s, which offers quality at an affordable price, Whole Foods’ reputation has been damaged. Here are eight reasons why people are starting to hate Whole Foods and all that it embodies.

1. It’s Expensive


There’s a reason many grocery buyers have nicknamed Whole Foods, ‘Whole paycheck,’ because the chain is not known for its affordability. In fact when you walk into a Whole Foods store you are often hit with the vibe that it was built to cater to a very refined clientele, ie, people with a lot more money than you have or will ever have. You have to appreciate how shiny and polished your average Whole Foods store is, but then you stare at some of the prices, especially in their meat section and you may experience the first tremors of a heart attack. Whole Foods is one of those stores where buying three items could you set you back $40…for a single meal.