4. Endless Meat and Fish Wait


If you’re visiting Whole Foods to buy fresh cuts of meat and fish, take a book with you because you’ll be there for awhile. First off, there’s never a time when you walk up to the meat counter and there isn’t a bunch of people waiting. Second, those same people all seem to want to order in the most annoying and time-consuming ways possible. So instead of just ordering the cut of the day or you know, standard tri-tip or sirloin or red snapper, Whole Foods shoppers have to know exactly when the fish was caught, how it was caught, the exact location where the meat was raised and the kind of methods used to slaughter the beef. By the time it’s your turn, you will feel stupid if you don’t ask some kind of question, so you’ll say something like, “So what’s the rate of fat burning calories on this marbled slab of beef,” and end up sounding foolish. That’s right, in addition to everything else, Whole Foods makes you feel dumb.