Miss America has been around for many years, and even though it seems as if the era of beauty pageants should be over, people still watch this parade of beautiful women in what amounts to a showcase that emphasizes looks over intellect. Be that as it may, no one one goes to a football game to watch men shake hands and no one attends Miss America to find a Rhodes Scholar. It’s all about the bodies, and over the years, the physiques of Miss America contestants have seemingly gotten smaller and skinnier, which may set up some unrealistic expectations for young girls who think that’s how their bodies have to look.

1921 Miss America Winner


Margaret Gorman was the winner of the first Miss America, and you can see by this photo that she was slim and in shape, but didn’t have a buxom body or the kind of muscular, toned legs we normally associate with modern day Miss Americas. In fact, what’s really striking about this pic is how much of her body is covered, as societal norms frowned upon bare skin in the 1920s, which was also the era of Prohibition.