Boobs jobs are the trend in today’s modern world. No longer do women have to settle for pancake chests and mosquito bites. A woman can also downsize if she chooses, her basketball or watermelon boobs capable of being deflated like a balloon. If a woman wants new boobs, all she has to do is throw down some cash and the surgeon will do the rest. However, buyer’s remorse is not something that only comes with purchasing expensive cars and high tech coffee makers. Sometimes, a woman will wake up, ogle her new chest and think “WHAT did I just do?’ Here are 7 regrets that women have after getting a boob job:

Pining For the Old


No matter how great the new boobs look, a woman may pine for her old cuddly or washboard ones. After all, she knew what to expect, their sag tendencies, the best bras to house them, and how to roll and stuff the tube socks when necessary. They were predictable and dependable, sometimes more than your husband or wife. The new boobs may look foreign and just not you. It may feel like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” as you check out the finished product in the mirror. Maybe you wanted Dolly Parton and ended up with Faith Hill. Your dreams of filling out a beautiful black dress that puts Beyonce and Carmen Electra to shame seems ridiculous now. Take a deep breath and try to come to terms with your decision. If all else fails, say the Serenity Prayer and click your heels three times. Hey, the latter worked for Dorothy Gale. But the reality is that regret is part of the deal when you get new boobs. You don’t feel as if you’re the same person with these two balloons on your chest, but the regret will fade as you begin accepting that you’re the same person just with enhancements.