Expect the Unexpected


Do you know the sayings “Expect the unexpected” and “Life happens when you’re making other plans?” This also applies to your boob job. No matter how many times you and your surgeon chat, scan photos of what you want, and use a black Sharpie to design your ultimate boobs, chances are that your new shiny chest will not come out exactly the way you had hoped. Perhaps, your left boob drops too much like a water balloon and the right one is too close to your armpit. Worse yet, you estimated a 38C, which is now a 40D. The new shirts that you bought now fit like an 18-year old entering a wet tee-shirt contest. That’s the breaks. You’re stuck with them, so make the best of it and write a gratitude list of what you do like about your new boobs. You might start with not regretting a decision you made to feel better about yourself. And then you can add all the looks you’re getting because of your bouncy boobs.